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Our philosophy is that impossible is nothing: through hard, consistent and humble work, with passion and with an unbroken faith in ourselves we are able to reach everything. Our firm belief is that in the time of continuous changes those will become successful who train themselves in many fields, stand their ground in every unforeseen situation and even leaving their comfort zones they are able to achieve maximum performance.

We believe in the constitutive, value creating power of talents. We also believe in that collaborating with those whose values and thoughts are similar to ours can arise synergies. These synergies give us a boost to realise our goals, and they make the time spent on this road together magical, meaningful and entertaining.


For our everyday struggles the athletes’ attitudes and victories uphold us, they set examples. We are building the society of these kinds of people. We help dreams come true and create outstanding characters whose performances become everyone’s joint success. Based on our common values we can share those mutual experiences that are waiting for us along the path leading to sports successes – both as athletes and fans.

We take the young talents under our wings to develop them into successful people, to gain such abilities and skills they can make use of on and off the field. Besides gaining prestige and an outstanding career opportunity, we also put emphasis on preserving our mentorees' health and increasing their knowledge.


1013 Budapest, Lánchíd utca 15-17.