Focusing on


the path

Our goal is to establish an internationally acknowledged sports management workshop which builds the career of talented youths in a complex way, beginning at childhood thus helping their personalities develop.

During our work, passion for sports is combined with professional knowledge, motivation with efficiency backed up by international contacts and mentorial attitude with supportive stability.

From the talents of those who turn to us we try to forge real, evident, exactly measurable and materially convertible results by providing them with communal experience and professional help in order to develop both their career and character at the same time.



In the world of sports the Greek paragon, the harmony of body and soul is timeless. Therefore we strive to provide a background for athletes that helps their self-fulfilments on and off the field. Our mission is to build legendary sports characters through our professional knowledge and deeply humanistic, mentorial approach whose performances are beyond a single match or competition. Their performances are even beyond sport itself since our goal is to shape our athletes into emblematic, public personalities.

Thanks to the development of IT, all performances in the forefront of the world have become promptly measurable. Adopting this fact, we put extra knowledge provided by data and statistics into the service of our clients, thus assisting in their professional improvement.



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