Mark Spitz

At the 2019 Sportsman of the Year Gala nine-time Olympic Champion Mark Spitz presented Kristóf Milák with the Male Sportsman of the Year award.

Carl Lewis

Nine-time Olympic Champion Carl Lewis was the guest of honour at the 2018 Sportsman of the Year Gala.

Monika Szeles

Nine-time tennis Grand Slam Champion Mónika Szeles attended the 2017 Sportsman of the Year Gala.


National and international PR-and Communication support of Teqball

Norbert Michelisz

Managing Norbert Michelisz, the world famous touring car driver.

Danko Lazović

Contract and contract extension of Danko Lazovic at Mol Vidi FC


National and international PR-and communication activites of 5+1 football

Darts maths

Unique innovation to refresh maths education in schools under the name „Darts maths”


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