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Hunor Dudás
owner, sports manager, CEO Head of football division I am always looking for the opportunity to do my best and help my team do their best, too. Sports and competing have been my passions since childhood - as for me, one of the strongest motivations is when you want to overcome your own limits and to stimulate yourself to attain better performance. This is what I represent in the path team: helping the athletes with persistent support and trust, and guiding them to achieve their dreams or even more. I am proud of having reached remarkable successes as a CEO of a first-class football club with a team I had formed. In the summer of 2020 was elected as the president of the Sports Marketing Division of the Hungarian Marketing Association.
Dr. Péter Pákay
owner, sports manager, lawyer Head of individual sports division I believe that fair, humble, professional work bears its fruit, and to achieve this, the path provides a firm, well-established background. During my tennis career an idea came into my mind – that I want to be that kind of sports manager who acts as a mentor in the lives of athletes. We offer a well-balanced career plan, treating our clients as partners, as human beings and helping them deploy their talents. I consider preparing them for civil life a high priority. After having left my tennis career behind I graduated from a university of law and took a degree in sports management. At present I am working for Pákay's Office of Legislation, elected member of Sports Arbitration Board of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.
Dr. Csaba Bogdán
owner, lawyer Head of sport project division I was around 5 years-old when my Dad took me to a motocross competition, and than maybe I was 10 when I saw the first football match. These experiences have determined my whole life, since my childhood I've been a fanatic sport-lover and an active athlete as well. I spent the last 15 years in the world of business , mainly in the financial sector. My mission is to share all the knowledge and observations what I experienced as a leader, to help our athletes become more efficient and more successful. I have a legal and economic degree, I am mainly responsible - besides the talent management - for the sport-based projects as well.
Gábor Horváth
chief scout Sport has been an integral part of my life since my childhood. I tried many different sports, but finally I decided to play football and I grew up at Vasas Academy. As a young player, I knew learning and developing is an important part of life, because our situation can change at any time. I have a Master's Degree in Sports Management at the Hungarian University of Physical Education. Using my experiences and studies I would like to help athletes in all aspects of life.
Szabina Tóth
Sport has been a defining part of my life since I was a child. I have tried several sports, eventually the handball was the sport that has captivated me the most and I am still actively playing. I have always known that the love of sport will play an important role in choosing a career, so after completing the undergraduate course applied economics at Corvinus University of Budapest, I obtained a master's degree in sports economics. I would like to make the best possible use of the experience I have gained so far, as well as the knowledge I have acquired during my studies.
Fanni Gyurcsányi
As a kid, I was fascinated by the world of swimming pools, but my interest soon turned to other sports as well. When I was young, I decided that I would like to gain knowledge in the field of sports, so I completed my master's degree in sports economics at Corvinus University of Budapest. In addition to the day-to-day support of individual athletes, I have an active role in organizing sport related events.
Ildikó Vanda Tóth
account manager Everytime when I was asked as a little kid what do I want to become when I grow up: I always had the same answer: “the lady in the F1 paddock who holds the mic for the pilot”. A lot has changed since, but my passion for sports has not. I got my bachelor’s degree from Corvinus University of Budapest in Business and Management. I am also the youngest member of the judges’ committee of one national sports federation. My professional drive is to show the public the true personalities of athletes and to create value together, which they can generate real impact with. Just as many athletes affect me. My everyday work consists of the management duties of athletes and the operative tasks within the Hungarian Sports Marketing Association.  
Mihailo Milutinović
agent Responsible for the Balkan area Football was always a part of my life, I started at the age of 5. I played at FC Red Star youth and first team, then transferred to SC Braga. In 2013 I won the Under 19 portugal championship with the club. In the following years, I started working with the path sports management and signed with Hungarian first division club FC Mezőkövesd. After an injury Georgian first division and a bad operation in March 2021, I was not able to continue playing. The work done by the path convinced me that this job can be done the right way and now I want to help young players in the same way they’ve helped me.
Anton Schnopper
agent German and Austrian region I believe in the perfect mixture of law, economics, and the passion for sports as the best way to provide first-class service for athletes in all areas off the pitch. My profound legal and investment experience gives me all the tools to reach the objectives of our athletes, combined with many years of an active footballer’s experience. The Path’s German office provides exceptional athlete support in any areas of financial, legal, marketing and PR-strategical advisory and representation. Our united goal is to make our athletes push beyond their limits and to provide high-level service in the background, soothing their way all along their career.


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