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Hunor Dudás
owner, sports manager, CEO Head of football division I am always looking for the opportunity to do my best and help my team do their best, too. Sports and competing have been my passions since childhood - as for me, one of the strongest motivations is when you want to overcome your own limits and to stimulate yourself to attain better performance. This is what I represent in the path team: helping the athletes with persistent support and trust, and guiding them to achieve their dreams or even more. I am proud of having reached remarkable successes as a CEO of a first-class football club with a team I had formed. Since the summer of 2020 I am president of the Sports Marketing Division of the Hungarian Marketing Association.
Dr. Péter Pákay
owner, sports manager, lawyer Head of individual sports division I believe that fair, humble, professional work bears its fruit, and to achieve this, the path provides a firm, well-established background. During my tennis career an idea came into my mind – that I want to be that kind of sports manager who acts as a mentor in the lives of athletes. We offer a well-balanced career plan, treating our clients as partners, as human beings and helping them deploy their talents. I consider preparing them for civil life a high priority. After having left my tennis career behind I graduated from a university of law and took a degree in sports management. At present I am working for Pákay's Office of Legislation, elected member of Sports Arbitration Board of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.
Dr. Csaba Bogdán
owner, lawyer Head of sport project division I was around 5 years-old when my Dad took me to a motocross competition, and than maybe I was 10 when I saw the first football match. These experiences have determined my whole life, since my childhood I've been a fanatic sport-lover and an active athlete as well. I spent the last 15 years in the world of business , mainly in the financial sector. My mission is to share all the knowledge and observations what I experienced as a leader, to help our athletes become more efficient and more successful. I have a legal and economic degree, I am mainly responsible - besides the talent management - for the sport-based projects as well.
Gábor Horváth
chief scout Sport has been an integral part of my life since my childhood. I tried many different sports, but finally I decided to play football and I grew up at Vasas Academy. As a young player, I knew learning and developing is an important part of life, because our situation can change at any time. I have a Master's Degree in Sports Management at the Hungarian University of Physical Education. Using my experiences and studies I would like to help athletes in all aspects of life.
Szabina Tóth
Fanni Gyurcsányi
Ildikó Vanda Tóth

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